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About Us

Corporate Office

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At Copper Front, we are a family that is in the business of sharing our love of copper with the world. Each artisan, designer and manager in our enterprise works to yield copper products of the highest quality, aesthetic beauty, flawless craftsmanship and spectacular designs while never compromising functionality. All the copper material that we source has been certified by an ISI or independent lab for its copper content.

In addition to Copper’s vastly beneficial medicinal and hygienic applications, Copper is a luxurious metal synonymous with grandeur and the elite. Imagine the relaxing virtues of romantic at-home escapes - soaking in the rich cuprous opulence of antimicrobial luxury - renewing your minds and spirits. The great value of copper in today’s world extends to usage in doorknobs, switches, lighting fixtures, garden torch-lights, railings, frying pans, knives, forks, spoons, bathtubs, sinks and copper counters.

With uniqueness in each delivered product and ensured warranty, Copper Front offers only the best to its clients. Not to forget the strategists, researchers, scientists and artisans working round the clock to offer that very best! At Copper Front, it is our earnest endeavor to build a legacy of architectural finesse by advocating the beneficial and aesthetic attributes of copper. Copper Fronts’ high quality copper and outstanding craftsmanship will give you decades of use and pleasure.

We are passionate about what we do and let our products and services attest to the promise of excellence.

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