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Kitchenware Products

The ambience of any kitchen is enhanced by state-of-the-art products, and these copper ones are true work horses. Perfect distribution of heat is but one advantage of solid copper cookware. This amazing cookware has the added benefit of bimetal technology, forging stainless steel to the interior in a durable chemical bond. The result is sleek, elegant and incredible conductivity with a virtually non-stick surface for cooking. The bar has been raised with these solid copper kitchenware products which also help you save energy in times of ever growing gas prices. With the addition of ergonomic cast iron handles, we make even our largest pieces easy to handle. You too can enjoy the superb results of the professional chef in your own kitchen with Copper Front's beautiful solid copper cookware.

Browse the entire site to discover our full and extensive range or feel free to write in at to find out about other designs and products possible.